The Company

Corporate Profile

Global Business Power Corporation (GBP) is a leading energy company in the Visayas Region and Mindoro Island. Our Company produces adequate, reliable and cost-efficient power supply through five subsidiaries that operate ten power generation facilities.  Having diversified power generation facilities that are capable of supplying base, intermediate, peak load and ancillary support, GBP offers flexible energy solutions that can serve the varying power requirements of the market.


GBP’s success is founded upon strategic partnerships, solid technical expertise, efficient operations and sound financial standing.  A joint venture among Beacon PowerGen Holdings, Inc. (56%), JG Summit Holdings, Inc. (30%) and Meralco PowerGen (14%), GBP has established its position as one of the notable power industry players in the country as it enjoys strong ties with the prime movers in the energy sector.

 gt tower 1
CEDC 246
PEDC Units 1 & 2 164
Unit 3 150
TPC Sangi 60
TPC1A Sangi 82
Carmen 40
PPC PPC 1 Iloilo 72
PPC 2 Iloilo 20
PPC 3 Nabas 7.5
PPC 4 New Washington 5
GPRI 7.5
TOTAL   854


About the GBP logo:

Global Business Power Corporation has gone through several developments since 2003. After being in the industry for more than 10 years, a new brand identity has been created that best represents the Company and its dynamics, enhancing brand image, and promoting easier brand recall.

The GBP logo, which is made up of the initials of the Company name, utilizes a circular form in the design of its three letters which speaks of the Company’s desire to be the most efficient and cost-effective energy provider in the country today and the years to come. It also represents the evolution of GBP as a company geared towards modernization, expansion and growth, and ready to take on the challenges of the Philippine energy market.

Strong bold letters were also chosen to convey the message that the Company is solid, strong, stable and reliable. The three letters gently touching each other at the center speaks of an important membership in the Metrobank Group, a top conglomerate in the country today. It also conveys that GBP, though made up of different subsidiaries and operating in various locations in the country, is a unified and coordinated group.

GBPs preferred corporate color – green – stands for life and growth. A darker green conveys a strong commitment to preserve the environment and be its staunch protector.

 gbp logo