Our CSR Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility

GBP seeks to make a positive difference and build significant relationships in places where our power plants are located.  We believe that our responsibility is more than just providing energy.  We believe in being a reliable and trusted partner in the communities we are a part of.  GBP’s community programs are focused on the following initiatives:


Health and Wellness

To help ensure the health and well-being of our communities, GBP provides annual medical missions, free circumcision services and free medicine distribution to our adopted Health Centers.  To date, we have served over 6,000 beneficiaries in our 22 adopted barangays.



Through our Education Assistance Program, deserving elementary and high school students are given grants in the form of school supplies, uniforms, books, and financial assistance.  Our program has already provided for 575 students.  GBP also supports the Department of Health’s annual Brigada Eskwela.



We are committed to care for our forests and watersheds.  GBP is in the process of restoring and developing 100 hectares of forestland in the Malubog Watershed Area and 500 hectares of riparian zone at the Mananga River Watershed Forest Reserve in Cebu.  As part of our biodiversity and aquifer conservation efforts, we spearheaded the development of the Iloilo City Bird Sanctuary and Wetland Park.  This 5-year project will enhance and rehabilitate 35 hectares of mangrove area that will co-exist just beside our power generating facilities.