Our Commitment

We are committed to provide adequate, reliable and cost-efficient energy through five subsidiaries, operating nine diversified power generation facilities that are capable of supplying base, intermediate, peak load and ancillary support. GBP offers flexible energy solutions to existing and emerging energy markets in the Philippines with its strategically located facilities. As such, we continue to focus on three main strategies: 1) optimizing our existing generating assets; 2) actively participating in Retail Open Access; and 3) growing through greenfield development, expansion and acquisitions.


Through our subsidiary Global Energy Supply Corporation (GESC) – a licensed Retail Electricity Supplier – we participate in the Retail Competition and Open Access to directly supply power to Contestable Customers.


Our brand continues to expand in Cebu and Iloilo, with a 150MW plant capacity through the PEDC Expansion Project in Iloilo City already in the pipeline and the recently switched-on 82MW TPC1A in Toledo, Cebu. GBP is also seeking growth opportunities in renewable energy projects to complement its existing portfolio.


GBP believes that its competitive strengths lie in the following:

  • Leading power producer in the Visayas with strategically located generation facilities
  • High quality, new and competitive generation assets
  • Strong partnerships with key industry leaders
  • Diversified power generation facilities
  • Long-term power purchase agreements providing stable and predictable earnings
  • Synergies with other GT Capital businesses


GBP’s success is founded on financial strength, strategic partnerships, technical expertise and commitment to service excellence. GBP is on track to realize its vision to be the leading and most efficient energy provider in the country by the year 2020.