Invitation Notice to Bid

Invitation Notice to Bid

Panay Power Corporation (PPC) invites all interested suppliers to a sealed bidding of various unused spare parts, on an “as is, where is” basis.

ITEM# Mother Equipment No of Items/Parts for Disposal
Group 1 Desalination Plant 44
Group 2 Desox System 111
Group 3 Seawater 63
Group 4 Cooling Tower 55
Group 5 Compressor L80 144
Group 6 Sludge Separator 95
Group 7 Pall Purifier 17
Group 8 CEMS 81
Group 9 Clayton Auxiliary Boiler 46
Group 10 Bearing Shell 12
Group 11 Fire Protection System 27
Group 12 Viscotherm 7
Group 13 PLC S5 22

Below are the terms and conditions of sale:

  1. Please check list of items for sale here: List of unused items_PPC.
  2. Items are being sold on an “AS IS WHERE IS BASIS.”
  3. Interested buyers may inspect the items with prior notice to:


Name Mobile Email Address
Jun Rud A. Firmeza 0928 5068208 [email protected]
Emily P. de Castro 0918 9150867 / 0917 5762534 emily.decastr[email protected]
  1. No complaint will be entertained after submission of tenders or before materials are lifted.
  1. Offers shall be valid for 30 days from the date of opening of bids/offer.
  1. Completed tender documents are to be enclosed in plain sealed envelopes, marked ‘’TENDER FOR PURCHASE OF PANAY POWER CORPORATION’S OBSOLETE ITEMS”, hand delivered, mailed to the attention of:

Materials Management Department
22nd Floor GT Tower International
6813 Ayala Avenue corner H.V. dela Costa St.
Makati City

  1. Open tenders will be rejected.
  1. Successful bidder will be required to lift the materials on “AS IS WHERE IS” basis. The transportation charges shall be borne by the successful bidder
  1. Only the authorized representative of the successful bidder will be allowed to take out the items.
  1. Bids submitted are valid and binding. All bidders are bound and obligated to honor any all bids submitted during the bidding event.
  1. Global Business Power Corporation (GBP) and PPC reserve the right of withdrawing from the sale of any material or lots at any stage without assigning any reasons therefore.
  1. GBP and PPC reserves the right to sell all items in one lot or in different lots.